Living from one paycheck to another can be incredibly difficult these days, and any unexpected financial emergency can become a hard burden for those who do not have a possibility to borrow small cash loans from their local banks. The good news is that today banks are not the only organizations that provide small personal loans, and if you cannot get an acceptance from your local bank, then it can be a good idea for you to apply to those companies that offer guaranteed payday loan approval to all their clients.Unlike your local banks, payday loan lenders do not check any teletrack reports or credit records when offering you a loan. Thus, they can accept your application even if you have serious problems with your credit history or if you do not have any credit history at all. Moreover, many payday lenders do not ask their clients to fax any documents, and therefore you can get a loan from them within the shortest period of time.
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Many small to medium cash loans are made through the many direct payday lenders in the market. These are fast cash short term loans which are made available to the working consumers who would be able to repay the loan through their salaries.

It is up to the direct payday lenders to review the payday loan application of the working consumers before approving or rejecting the loan request regardless of the loan amount requested. Some very bad creditors are high risk borrowers who would find much difficulty in securing these small loans as they have a bad credit score. They are not held in high esteem by most money lenders who are wary of their repayment capability.
Hence, direct payday lenders has the complete power to offer any loan to any working consumer depending on the consumer's financial background and stability, credit score and reputation. No money lender wants to perform a losing loan business.
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If you're having financial problems that cannot wait until your next payday, why not apply for a payday loan which has helped millions of people in the country by providing instant relief? Payday loans were designed specifically for this kind of situation where the applicant can get a short term loan around $100 to $1500 at a slightly higher interest rate than normal. These loans are offered by direct payday loan lenders who have a license to provide this service and can be trusted with your confidential details required to formalize the loan.
A direct payday loan lender when approached will check your application to confirm your date of birth, citizenship, employment and salary details and if all details provided are in line with his requirements, will approve the loan while the cash is sent to your checking account for withdrawal. You will also have a better chance of getting your loan at a cheaper rate than if you applied for your loan through a broker.
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One Hour Payday Loans are available to anyone with a regular or stable monthly income of above $1000 and an active savings account. People prefer to apply for such loans, as that is the only way to get fast cash in the shortest possible time without any hassles. Payday loans are offered to people based on their employment and income and not based on their credit score. However in order to apply for such loans, you need not hold a very good credit history. Apply online for such loans, on approval the cash gets deposited in your bank account within one hour. Such loans do not require the customer to fax details of corresponding documents for the loans approval. Hence this seems to be the best way to get loans at the right time to meet your financial obligations. Prompt repayment can save you from late fees and other extra charges levied by the lender.